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Mother & Daughter Harmony Retreat

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Meet strangers who will certainly become friends. A chance to meet people outside of your normal social group leading to freedom to discuss ideas with no judgement and develop a deeper understanding of the mother / daughter dynamic.

In our faced-paced world we often forget what is most important and get dragged along with life without pausing to consider our choices and how we spend our time. The mother /daughter relationship can be a wonderful, complex, interesting, frustrating, joyful, confusing thing with changing roles at changing ages.

Most girls break away from their mums and find their own opinions, beliefs and ideas, and as life moves on the balance can shift. We invite you to take some time out with your Mother or Daughter and book this retreat to enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time together, joining with organised activities, having fun at the moment and learning more about each other in a really positive and relaxed environment.

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Mind Body and Spirit Womens Retreats invites you to explore and harmonise, laugh and cry if you need to, whatever happens, it will be a truly amazing experience for all. Get to know your child as an adult or your mother as an older woman, take this moment time to reconnect and enjoy each others company in its most natural form.

The group sessions offer an opportunity to explore and gain an understanding of different personalities, values, and needs which is fascinating and positive for those interested in this aspect. Everything offered is included in the price and optional, do whatever you are comfortable with and have a brilliant time.
  • Guided beach and country walks to connect with nature and each other
  • Gentle Hatha yoga and mediation (optional)
  • Jewellery making workshop in-house - design and make a silver ring! A keepsake and reminder of this special time for both of you
  • Evening team games
  • Hot tub
  • A special photo of you both together - a treasured memory
  • Digital downtime to focus on the 'now' and enjoy this time
  • Fun evening informative talks
  • Talk on nutrition and health (optional)
  • Group session on understanding the mother / daughter relationship (optional)
  • Write a letter to each other about what you have learnt, discovered and valued
  • Massage, Reiki, reflexology and facials available (paid for extras)

  • Arrival for lunch on at 12.00 noon
  • Welcome chat
  • Guided Country walk (optional 1 hour)
  • Group session on the complexity of mum / daughter relationships - very interesting and you're welcome to participate or just listen to anything you are comfortable with is perfect.
  • Relaxation, reflection, reading, and pre-booked treatments, hot tub, socialising
  • Delicious dinner at 7 p.m.
  • Evening team games, quiz or just relax and go in the hot tub or read / journal if you prefer
  • Evening meditation for those wishing to participate

-Day 2
  • Pre-breakfast river walk to connect with nature and yourself
  • Organic delicious breakfast with lots of choice for everyone
  • Beach walk or relaxing and using the hot tub/ reading/ journaling/ socialising- the choice is yours but some 'you' time.
  • 13:00 Lunch - yummy freshly prepared food on-site, organic and vegetarian
  • relaxation / socialising / pre-booked treatments
  • Mini photoshoot (A wonderful reminder of a special time)
  • 19:00 Dinner - delicious organic and freshly prepared
  • Rest of evening socialising and relaxing / pre-booked treatments such as massage / reflexology / Reiki / facials

-Day 3
  • Pre-breakfast, guided country walk
  • Breakfast - delicious, nutritious and organic - lots of choices
  • Write a letter time - optional and all letters are private
  • 12:00 closing circle and goodbyes
  • Takeaway amazing memories, a renewed relationship, a mum/ daughter photo and a Gratitude Jar just for you
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